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COhen Grey

Our eldest: liam paul

our favorite things

here are some of

"Don't choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful."
- Harry Styles -

 We consist of 7 beings, 2 little ones, 2 big ones, and 3 with 4 legs.

Steven, yours truly, Liam, Cohen, Gunner, Zoey, & Khaleesi. 

Simplicity, love, family.

Raw, real, genuine connection.

Quality > Quantity

These are the things we crave, the things we have chosen to prioritize.

This is why we chose to abandon our 4bdrm city home
for a 34' vintage airstream in the Middle Of Nowhere in July 2017.

Our refuge, our safe haven.

We are on a quest for wholeness & presence.

Small quantity items, real quality love.

Capturing genuine moments in our passion.

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lets get personal

Thats me! Chelsey. Hi there!

I have been taking photos for 4 years now. I found the passion when my son was born - not only to capture his growth but as a way to enable me to work from home & stay with him.

That dream came true in March 2019 - I quit the corporate business world & am now living my dream of being a full-time photographer and mother.

I shoot Sony- the unicorns of the photography world. I have invested [[allooott]] of money on the very best equipment to create the highest quality images possible.

I do it solo unless at a wedding or engagement session for a wedding - if thats the case - this stud goes along with me. This is Steven, my second shooter & the love of my life.

He is basically the perfectionist who ensures everyone looks just right, the muscles to make some of my complex visions come to life, and the bonus photographer when there are two photos we need to capture that couldn't possibly be done without another person & camera. 

as photographers