We want to capture your love, your commitment. Your dedication to the person whom you hold most dear. We want to capture the raw, genuine connection you hold. The day you decided to put on paper the commitment that is already in your soul is worth capturing and we are exceedingly passionate about doing that for you.




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Start by reaching out - lets talk about it ALL. Tell us your date, your style, tell us your story. 

Some of our clients like to have a consult prior to booking, others want to book and get straight to the engagement session. We are happy with whichever. 

We will connect during your engagement session, get a feel for your personality and style and you ours. It is the perfect time for us to understand exactly what we can do to ensure everything runs smoothly on your special day. 


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Our packages are listed below, but we can customize to fit any need. 

We have special options for our elopement couples & sometimes we will even take your photos for FREE if you're doing a destination wedding and/or elopement. Just pay our way there and we will show up and capture beautiful memories. 

We like to blend in on your day - we will be apart of your wedding party. Doing everything we can to support you.

Reach out to us for details on pricing, travel, and elopement options.



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We send a sneak peek of anywhere from 5-10 photos within 3 days of your wedding, many times the night or following morning.

We have it in our contract that our turnaround time is 3 months for delivery of photos - we have never taken that long thus far.

We offer each of our wedding clients a special, personalized gift. I'd tell you what it was - but then that would ruin the surprise wouldn't it? 

The gift is delivered when the photos are sent to you.


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Our Process

• 4 Hours of Coverage
• Print Release
• Online Gallery  
• Engagement Session


• 6 Hours of Coverage
• Print Release
• Online Gallery 
• Engagement Session


• Full Day Coverage
• Print Release
• Online Gallery  
• Engagement Session
• Bridal Session


Paola Black

"I had an amazing experience doing my maternity shoot with Chelsey. She made me feel extremely comfortable and beautiful, which is hard when you're in your third trimester!"


"Chelsey was amazing. The moments she captures were priceless and she made every vision in my head come to life. I can't thank her enough - the photos turned out better than I ever dreamed"

Cody & Baili 

"Chelsey did such an amazing job on our engagement photos, like she always does. I have never NOT been blown away by our photos with her."

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